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In 2022, JIANGQIAO sends greetings to everyone!

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In 2022, JIANGQIAO sends greetings to everyone!

Jan 1,2022
In 2022, we hope that more users will see us and be able to solve problems for more users!

Taking advantage of the approach of 2022, JIANGQIA wishes all users a happy New Year's Day! Looking back on 2021, JIANGIAO conducted a number of international exchange activities and achieved excellent results.

JIANGQIAO's products are divided into two categories: consumer electronics and household products. Consumer electronic products mainly include bamboo speakers, keyboards, mice, calculators, etc. Household products mainly include bamboo computer folding tables, breakfast tables, shelves, and so on. We have 20 years of experience in bamboo processing, and we are the first environmentally friendly company at home and abroad to apply bamboo products to consumer electronic products.

It is precise because there are no examples for us to learn, we faced many difficulties in the process of growing up, but with the trust of consumers in us, we persevered and overcome many difficulties, becoming the learning benchmark in the industry. We specialize in serving high-end markets at home and abroad and have developed and produced various series of high-end and high-quality bamboo-related products.

Our team is constantly growing and is always young and vigorous, and we are passionate about everything. This is why our services are so comprehensive and thoughtful. We are very willing to listen to users and help them solve their actual needs.

We are at the forefront of the industry with high-end quality and good service. Our bamboo products have a number of patent protections and have passed the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and European regulatory certification, which can reduce your after-sales processing problems. And in the current situation of the epidemic, we can still achieve fast delivery services, which many companies cannot match.

2022 is a year that requires hard work and persistence for us. We will make good products and serve customers with our hearts. You can ask us if you have any needs, and we will give you a satisfactory answer in time. Holidays will not affect our professional attitude.

In 2022, we hope that more users will see us and be able to solve problems for more users!
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