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Advantages of Bamboo Keyboards

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Advantages of Bamboo Keyboards

Apr 6,2022
Bamboo is widely recognized as a "green" alternative to less biodegradable materials, and innovative uses and propositions are emerging on the world market every day, helping to reduce our impact on the atmosphere and increase environmental awareness. Bamboo keyboards and mice are loved by CPU users who are looking for very unique and biodegradable. Let's take a look at the advantages of the bamboo keyboard next.

1. Biodegradable materials

Ordinary keyboards and mice are often made of plastic. This composition has many effects on the atmosphere. Plastics are usually made from fuel and natural gas. Furthermore, these are non-renewable materials, and their degradation requires extensive energy-consuming procedures. Also, it damages flora and fauna, and the natural environment.

The production of plastics and their degradation contribute to the pollution of the air, water, and planet. Toxic substances are emitted, making them disturb not only animals and plants but also human habitation.

The innovative keyboard and mouse are made from bamboo, a biodegradable material. It is environmentally friendly, and its processing process is not polluting.

2. Extraordinary resistance

In addition to being biodegradable, bamboo is also extremely resistant to corrosion. It can last up to thirty years without damage. Depending on the level of use of the product, the storage time may vary, as you must consider many factors, such as:

How to craft the item?

How much is used throughout the day?

Did maintenance deliver the product?

3. Keep it warm

Keyboards made of plastic can overheat after prolonged use. This problem will make the user experience worse, especially in summer. Bamboo can persist in pleasant, slightly cooler temperatures. Therefore, this allows you to perform your work comfortably without any discomfort.

4. Superior design

These bamboo keyboards contain unique designs. That composition makes them look completely different from several other keyboards. The look of the bamboo keyboard makes it stand out in a workplace crowded with plastic keyboards! If you are looking for a special and different keyboard, these bamboo keyboards can be a good choice.

Additionally, the bamboo keyboard contains the same design as the traditional keyboard with a number pad. They are available in a variety of finishes, from light shades to darker, richer shades. 

If you are looking for a keyboard and mouse with a difference, then Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo Mouse are your best choice. If you plan to buy a master keyboard, please contact us.

JIANGQIAO is a professional bamboo products manufacturer. The company has 20 years of experience in bamboo processing and is the first environmental protection enterprise to use bamboo products in consumer electronic products at home and abroad. Our products are divided into two categories: consumer electronics and household products. Consumer electronic products mainly include bamboo speakers, keyboards, mice, calculators, etc. Household products mainly include bamboo computer folding tables, breakfast tables, shelves, and so on.
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