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The Environmental Benefits of Using Bamboo Tableware

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The Environmental Benefits of Using Bamboo Tableware

Jul 25,2022
Environmental responsibility has taken the country by storm. From large corporations planning their next meeting or board meeting to individual small clients, people are looking for new ways to incorporate eco-friendly products and services into their venues. For caterers, this means finding the most cost-effective way to meet the public's growing need to be "greener".

JIANGQIAO has ecologically harmless disposable bamboo dishes, bamboo cutleries, bamboo toothbrushes, and other daily necessities, which are both practical and beautiful. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, growing 24-36 inches per 24 hours, 16% harder than maple, and natural and biodegradable...because bamboo is sustainable and can be grown without any pesticides Under planting chemicals, it breaks down completely without any contaminants.

Bamboo is also a natural antimicrobial agent. Its natural resistance to mold and mildew is helpful in humid environments. Because bamboo also happens to be an effective insulator, items made from bamboo can keep your hot food hot and cold food cool.

Supporting bamboo cultivation by using products made from the plant can also help the environment, simply because of the nature of the plant itself. Bamboo produces more biomass and up to 30% more oxygen than similar forests. It reduces carbon dioxide gas and regenerates automatically without replanting. Bamboo also restores and removes toxins from damaged and contaminated soils. It also prevents soil erosion and even helps reduce water pollution.

As a result, you can now not only reduce your carbon footprint by using reliable, strong, biodegradable products like JIANGQIAO's bamboo tableware, but you can also further positively impact the environment by encouraging growth of bamboo forests. JIANGQIAO's Bamboo Collection is stylish and affordable, eco-friendly, durable, and professionally crafted to meet your customers' needs. Among them, our bamboo electronic products have completely independent intellectual property rights and have obtained more than 60 patents for production technology and processing technology, including 9 invention patents and 2 international patents. If you want to buy bamboo products or bamboo electronic products, please contact us.
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