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Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo Cutlery

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo Cutlery

Aug 1,2022
Bamboo tableware is often used in our lives, but do you know why we use bamboo to make tableware? Can bamboo cutlery be put in the microwave? We have compiled some common questions about bamboo tableware, hoping to help you know more about bamboo tableware.

Why is it made of bamboo?

We in particular create a huge waste problem, so as a new lifestyle product design company, we are committed to designing and producing a range of lifestyle products that have a lower impact on the planet. Although this type of cutlery is only 75% biodegradable, we believe this is a step in the right direction.

Bamboo is a natural renewable resource that biodegrades and helps the planet. It is also one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can be harvested in 3-5 years. It needs very little water to grow and does not need fertilizer to thrive. Because it is naturally antibacterial and sterile, no pesticides are required. Harvesting can occur frequently with little damage to its surroundings. After harvest, almost every part of the plant is used with little waste. Additionally, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than any other plant.

Can bamboo cutlery be put in the dishwasher? 

Yes, they are safe.

Can I use bamboo utensils in microwave ovens?

No, Bamboo cutlery is made from natural fibers and cannot be cooked in a microwave or oven. However, bamboo cups are suitable for drinking hot or cold beverages, while bamboo plates or bowls are suitable for serving hot and cold food.

Will bamboo tableware go bad?

It is strong, but porous, and will crack under strong impact. Its durability is somewhere between plastic and ceramic or glass. It won't shatter under strong impacts, it's great for families and kids, and it's perfect for camping or picnics. But please respect it, for example, don't use the cup as a cricket ball or sit on a plate as it may break.

Can I use my bamboo cutlery outdoors? Or just indoors.

Yes, you can use our versatile bamboo cutlery outdoors and indoors - take it with you on a camping trip or day trip, or use it in the kitchen to prepare snacks or store leftovers. 

Are bamboo plates and cups reusable?


The above has briefly sorted out some common problems with bamboo tableware. If you want to know more or want to buy bamboo tableware, please contact us.

JIANGQIAO is a professional custom bamboo daily necessities manufacturer. Our household products mainly include bamboo tableware, bamboo computer folding tables, breakfast tables, shelves, and so on. Our products have completely independent intellectual property rights and have obtained more than 60 production technology and processing technology patents, including 9 invention patents and 2 international patents. The product performance is stable, and has passed CE, ROHS, FCC, and other quality certifications, 3C, etc., and sells well in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other regions. The annual export sales are 20 million US dollars, which are deeply loved by the majority of users.
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