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What Does Bamboo Keyboard Mean? How is the Bamboo Keyboard Quality?

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What Does Bamboo Keyboard Mean? How is the Bamboo Keyboard Quality?

Nov 17,2022
The bamboo keyboard is literally analyzed, that is, the keyboard made of bamboo is a new type of keyboard product, so many people do not know much about it, so what does the bamboo keyboard mean? How is the bamboo keyboard quality? Below we will give you an answer one by one, I hope it can be helpful to you.

What Does Bamboo Keyboard Mean?

A bamboo and wood enterprise in Tonggu County, Jiangxi Province has made the world's first bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse. The bamboo keyboard has low percussion sound, natural constant temperature, and can avoid static electricity. The biggest selling point is environmental protection. Many white-collar workers like it, and it has become popular in some big cities. Environmental protection does not pollute the air. The all-bamboo keyboard has low percussion sound and natural constant temperature performance, which can effectively avoid static electricity during use, and is also beneficial to prolong the service life of the electronic components of the keyboard, which is better than the plastic keyboards currently used.

Due to the particularity of bamboo itself, many processes must be manually operated. A finished product needs more than 30 processes. It is reported that bamboo that is more than 5 years old is generally used so that its density and hardness are sufficient. After the bamboo is transported to the factory, it is cut, slit, dried, finely milled, etc., and then finely ground. Next, the processes of forming embryos, sanding, and priming are also carried out. After the whole shell is out, the circuit board is assembled into the shell. Since the shells of the keyboard and mouse cannot be mechanically polished, they must be manually polished with emery cloth.

How is the Bamboo Keyboard Quality?

1. Bamboo keyboard products have strong practicability, good hand feel, anti-static, anti-radiation, easy to clean, absorb sweat and inhibit bacteria, warm in winter and cool in summer;

2. Bamboo material replaces plastic, which improves the degradability of the product and achieves the purpose of green environmental protection;

3. The middle-layer bamboo meat is specially made by high temperature and high-pressure carbonization process, which will never crack or deform;

4. The appearance of the bamboo keyboard is novel and unique, beautiful and elegant, noble and elegant, which greatly improves the ornamental value of the product;

5. Bamboo keyboard products have strong practicability, good hand feeling, anti-static, anti-radiation, easy to clean, absorb sweat and inhibit bacteria, warm in winter and cool in summer;

6. The unique anti-static effect of the bamboo keyboard has more than 5 million taps;

7. For the normal service life of a computer, 3 ordinary keyboards need to be used, while the service life of 1 bamboo keyboard can meet the use of 3 computers;

8. Bamboo keyboard has national invention patents and utility model patents;

9. Bamboo texture has a good function of absorbing ultraviolet rays, and at the same time, its color is elegant, soft, and warm appearance; it can also relieve people's visual fatigue to a certain extent and reduce the occurrence of myopia; it is a highly decorative, health-care handicraft, can meet people's increasing pursuit of life taste.

The above briefly introduce what is a bamboo keyboard and the benefits of a bamboo keyboard. If you want to buy a bamboo keyboard, please contact us.

JIANGQIAO is a professional custom electronic bamboo products manufacturer. Our products are divided into two categories: consumer electronics and household products. The product has completely independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than 60 production technology and processing technology patents, including 9 invention patents and 2 international patents. The product performance is stable, and has passed CE, ROHS, FCC and other quality certification, 3C, etc., and sells well in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.
bamboo keyboard and mouse wireless with nano receiver | KG308+mg94
The environment-friendly bamboo mouse and keyboard are beautiful and delicate, and have the natural simplicity of bamboo
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