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Bamboo Lap Desks Wholesale

We offer bamboo lap desk wholesale including more than three size. The bestselling sizes such as 50*30cm ;54*34cm ;72*34cm. There are many types of table belts: adjustable table legs, with pillows, with wireless charging, etc.Our bamboo lap desk panel made by natural bamboo and we accept costomized engrave logo , the panel have 12mm hight .The height of the legs of some styles can be adjusted Stock colors include natural but we can also offer additional custom colors based on quantity.

Bamboo Trays Wholesale

The Bamboo Trays species selected is nanzhu .After our special treatment to control the moisture content of bamboo, it is not easy to mold, so this product is suitable for all countries. The size of bamboo trays is 50*30cm ,but we also can customized size.Double packaging to protect the product.the MOQ is 1000pcs .We have OEM production and customized packaging services.No charge for the quantity of more than 1000 laser logos

Bamboo Storage Containers Wholesale

We offer Bamboo Storage Containers including rounds, honey bear bottles, spice jars, drink bottles and more. Shop bestselling sizes such as Rectangle Round,Square as well as industry specific Storage Containers to meet your needs! Our plastic bottles for sale come in both regular or wide mouth for easy dispensing. Choose compatible plastic bottle materials from HDPE, LDPE, PET or PVC, as well as jars in PP & PS ,we aslo have glass bottle or box.Stock colors include white, natural, clear, and black, but we can also offer additional custom colors based on quantity -- all at Wholesale Pricing.

Bamboo Electronics Wholesale

Over the years the company mainly engaged in research and development to sales of bamboo speakers、 keyboard、mouse、 calculator、power bank series bamboo consumer electronic products,Its environmental protection, health, personality and fashion have won the favor of customers at home and abroad and many internationally renowned enterprises. Bamboo keyboard, mouse, speakers and other products have independent intellectual property rights, the company has obtained the production process and the processing technology of 60 patents, including 8 invention patents, 2 international patents.

Other Bamboo Products Wholesale

The company developed products in line with today's international community advocated by the resource-saving,environmentally friendly production,living and consumption. We are catering to the needs of various consumers, constantly developing and updating our products.Our research and development direction of production is "replace the bamboo to the plastic" " replace the bamboo to the wood" and " replace the bamboo to the steel",you can think of our products can be tailor-made for you, As the first "application of experts in the field of bamboo," Hope that more bamboo products will surprise you.

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