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Bamboo Speakers

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Bamboo Speakers

The product is a small portable multifunctional bluetooth bamboo speaker.It can play music and answer the phone via bluetooth conection of phone,IPAD and other smart devices which support bluetooth;also can play Udisk,MP3,MP4,TF card,MMC card and other storage devices in MP3 format musicor play music with a computer through a source line.When the product is not connected to anystorage deviceit automatically enters into the bluetooth modewhen connected toU disk and TF card,it will play music in U disk ir priority,and then play music in TF card.It can be used by mode switching buttons to choose four modes:BluetoothUSB/TFplay,FIV audio,and AUX input.Features1.Simple and user-friendly design,easy operation,with memory function2.Portable design,small andlight.3.Bamboomaterialelegantappearanceclassic fashion and green.4.Realsignal reduce mail controllow power loss,AB and D class audio power amplifier of power saving design.5.Power supply with high performance,environmental protection,,can be repeatedly charging and charging,energy saving,high energy resource conversion battery power conversion

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